Vriska Serket (eightshoutpoles) wrote,
Vriska Serket

☣ 016 | audio | standard/hackable lock from all trolls

Does anyone here keep running into people from their planet who say they're from the future, and who tell you that you're supposed to be dead?


[OOC: This post is audio because I figure not everyone wants her courier crap showing up on their flist, but anyone that's told me here that they don't mind her typing quirk will be getting her hiding behind text. If you reply to this and don't mind text responses, please let me know via that link! ♥]
Tags: adstring: !ic, adstring: bartimaeus, adstring: hope estheim, adstring: jo harvelle, adstring: juliet montague, adstring: killua zoldyk, adstring: sephiroth, adstring: vincent valentine
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